Warnings and Important Information

In this section we list important issues, regulations, warnings the people should be aware of. From safety issues to banned chemicals and new regulations find it all here.

If you know of new regulations, warnings, etc and think the public should be aware of these, just let us know and we'll include them in this section, click here to send details to us.

Safety Issues

The Master Builders Association has been contacted by members and manufacturers concerned about the dangers of recycling Building Handling Bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers). These are commonly used to transport landscaping material, bricklaying sand, loam soil and fertiliser.

The manufacturer advocates single trip usage only, after which the bags should be destroyed. More information is available from the QMBA Health & Safety Manager of (07) 3404 6410 or the manufacturer, Cornsacks Pope Packaging on (07) 3848 0011.

Source: Master Builder magazine, August/September 2000.

Termite Barriers

Organchlorines are banned for use as a chemical termite barrier. Everyone will now have to make a new choice about protection of buildings from termite attack. See our building tips & tricks section for more information on termite protection.

Source: BSA Fact Sheet Edition 2 9/99

New Asbestos Regulations

New Queensland workplace health and safety regulations to manage asbestos buildings take effect from 1 November, 2000.

The new regulations require owners to identify asbestos to protect workers who demolish, repair or refurbish buildings built prior to 1990 that may contain asbestos materials.

Announced by the Minister for Employment, Training and Industrial Relations, Paul Braddy, the regulations bring Queensland into line with other states and territories and national guidelines.

In a two stage introduction, owners of buildings built before 1 January, 1980 must ensure a qualified person identifies any asbestos materials present and record the information by 1 November, 2002.

Owners of buildings built between 1980 and 1990 have to identify asbestos by 1 November, 2004.

The Government is also introducing new regulations requiring businesses removing asbestos or undertaking demolition work to hold a business certificate. The new requirement promotes quality standards in asbestos removal to ensure the health of workers and members of the public.

Further information call 1300 369 915 or visit the DETIR website click on workplace health and safety and then 'new and amended'.

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